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    I have less than a week to figure this out and I really need some help. I've been looking at tablets and reading forum post for the past week every day for a few hours at a time each time and the more I look, the more confused I get over what to get... So maybe someone can help me...

    I need a tablet under $200, at least 7" with a front facing camera that is able to skype or some other kind of video chat ( I've read several have problems skyping) But I need video chat. A must. The second must is, I originally began to look at ereaders because I have about 200 books in pdf format and ereaders just don't cut it when it comes to reading pdfs, so I had to start looking at tablets.

    The ability to VIDEOCAMERA chat is so important because I'm going to China for almost 2 months in 2 weeks (so I need this tablet fast and ready to use!) and I could use the tablet instead of taking my giant hulking laptop that is a gaming laptop that is more or less the size of a computer... :| (yes, I will have wifi in China so that's not a problem)

    And this is almost a MUST: for the tablet to be able to be put in one of those cases with the keyboard in it. It would of course make typing on skype a lot easier and also if I can- it doesn't HAVE to have this function, but the ability to type papers like on word or something. I fail at explaining, sorry! :3

    But these three features are really all that I am looking for in that price range. :| The one that I have looked at the most is the Coby Kyros mid7024, it fits everything that I need except that I've read skype doesn't work on it and I don't know if any other video chat messengers work? MSN, Yahoo, doesn't matter. I need something, if someone can confirm that they have it and it works on a video messenger, then I *guess* I'm good to go.

    But, as you can see, I'm in a major rush with time dwindling before I have to leave, low on money and no answers and only frustration and confusion. :mad: :confused:

    Please oh wise tablet users, lend me your knowledge on what to buy. :p
    Thank you to anyone who responds with suggestions, your help is seriously appreciated.
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