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    I apologize if these questions have been asked before. For someone that has not really used anything android in the past, I am pretty dazed with all the information overload on this site.

    I am thinking about getting a gTablet, so I am not an owner yet. I have two questions remaining that I can't quite find exact answer for. Can gTablet be flashed with the newest Android system Honeycomb? Is there an app equivalent that allows video conferencing for MSN Messenger account on gTablet?

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    I can answer the first question.. YES.. there are several roms of Honeycomb being developed... there are several posts here reguarding them.. XDA developers is another good rescource to find info too..

    As far as the confrencing app I'm not sure which ones are working with the Honeycomb roms... I know it's working using the yahoo instant messenger app and adding the video chat plug in for it runing CyanogenMod.. but the API that handles the camera functions have changed on HC... so not sure if that's been worked out or not... most of the Roms desctriptions I've read through say that the default camera app dosen't work....
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