Nexus 7 Reboots Continously

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Discussions' started by frogeyedan, Nov 24, 2013.

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    having problems with a nexus 7 2012
    the device wont stay running without rebooting except in the bootloader menu
    consequently it is very difficult to do anything with it
    when i set it to usb debugging, the parameter doesnt stay set
    if i try to unlock from a linux computer with fastboot, the terminal window announces a failed operation while at the top of the bootloader window on the device there is a message - "unlocking now...."
    i tried to back it up with adb but the device rebooted before it could complete.

    i suspect that the problem is related to the recent installation o f 360mobilesecurity-antivirus.
    is there anyway to uninstall it remotely given that the usb debugging wont work and that i cant seem to unlock the device?

    does the fastboot program need more permissions? if it can execute a reboot, doesnt that mean that it is basically working?

    thanks for any suggestions

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