NVIDIA's Kal-El Quad-Core Mobile Chip in Tablets in October; In Phones Q1 2012

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    Although, recently TI's Dual-Core chip had a status upgrade to replace NVIDIA's Tegra as Google's "mobile chipset of choice" for new Android smartphones, it's way too early to count NVIDIA down and out. In fact, the mobile chipset and gaming graphics leader is getting ready to debut its first quad-core chip to the mobile world as early as October. Here's a quote from NVIDIA,
    Furthermore, according to industry "rumint", the first tablet to come forth utilizing the quad-core beast, will be none other than the Asus Eee Pad Transformer 2. Previous rumors about this tablet suggest it will be released in October, thus completing the rumor-mill time-frame circle and making the info much more likely. If you haven't already seen it, you can check out the impressive video demo above of NVIDIA's "Superman" technology.

    This demo looks pretty amazing for gamers! If tablets, and eventually phones, reach the potential that the demo foreshadows, NVIDIA will very likely solidify themselves as the premier graphics chipset maker for mobile devices.

    Source: Android.net via TalkAndroid and AndroidandMe
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