Onda v811 Dual core big issue

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    Hello Guys!
    I bought an Onda v811 dual core tablet 12 months ago. And for the past couple of days i've been having great issues with the screen de-calibrating itself. Here is exactly what happens:
    Randomly(while im working on the tablet) my touches are stopped being registered on the exact spot that i touch, instead i must touch 1-2 santimeters below the target i want to press. That issue however is gone when i lock and then unlock the tablet. Do you have any idea how to solve this? That's my bigger issue, the other thing is that my battery is always shown as FULL even when it's been used 4-5 hours..

    P.S. I tried software calibration (xda tool), also tried resetting the tablet - nothing.
    This video shows a problem exactly like mine :
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