Pandigital Star Stuck on Boot Screen

Discussion in 'Pandigital Novel' started by jadekwood, Jul 7, 2012.

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    Pandigital Mutimedia Novel 7-Inch And Pandigital Star
    Hi!! I am Jade Wood,I own a Pandigital Star, 2 of needs a change of battery and I don'tknow how to do that, the other one...a couple of nights ago after finishingreading a book on it I powered it down properly, and put it up. The next day whenI powered it up it stuck on the blue and white Pandigital screen and won't moveany where else. I have read everythingin the Pandidigital Wiki (on SlateDroid)...NO HELP there..I have done exhaustive web searcheswith no result. now I'm at my wits end..CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME????I would greatly appreate it. I havealready tried reflashing.. it appears toto the update fine..gets to the end says it's going to reboot ...reboots...thensticks at the pandigital screen. It Isfully charged up.
    I could find no indication that you can do a hard reset onthese tablets. If ya'll don't mind pleasehelp me... I'm going crazy with this.
    And does anyone have any idea how to replace the battery in the Star? Because I would ;ike to do that for my otherone.

    Thank you in advance Jade K Wood


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