Play youtube videos on a via8505 tablet?

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    I ordered a bunch of 7" Vis8505 Android Tablets from China a year ago and they were able to play youtube videos with no problem. But now the included youtube application will load a video but can't play it. Same thing if I try to play a video through the browser. Does anybody know of an upgrade of any kind that might help? Thanks for any info.

    - Steve

    PS: Specs are as follows: 7" WXGA TFT Touch screen ,
    VIA8505 300HZ, Android 2.2 OS, 256MB, 2GB NAND Flash 802.11b/g Model is MID K7A1 from Kiel Manufacturing in China. Just got these specs off the tablet: Firmware 1.6 (does that mean Android is 1.6? I was promised 2.2). Chip is Via8505. Build is: wmt2.1.2_1​05. Also this tablet does not vibrate when you turn it on (that seems to be important).
    Thanks again for any info.

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