Please help...Mid8024 "Low on Space"

Discussion in 'Coby Generation 2 Technical' started by stephifr, Aug 19, 2011.

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    Coby Kyros 8024
    I have no idea what's happened to my tablet.

    It worked fine last night and then this morning when I turned it on it looks like it has reformatted itself and I get a warning "Low on Space - Phone storage space is getting low." When I click on it it takes me to the Manage Applications and it's showing all the factory apps with nothing that I've downloaded.

    From here I got to ES File Explorer and it's showing "SD Card unmounted or not preset". I've tried a factory reset, I've tried reformatting the SD card on both the tablet and my computer without any problems. But it's still showing there is no SC card.

    I'm at a loss what else can I do?

    Thanks in advance.

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