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Discussion in 'Acer Iconia Tab A500 Forum' started by snyph3r, Jun 20, 2011.

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    I may have found the work around if your Tab keeps turning on and off during the sleep mode. Keeps me thinking what could activate it while it is in sleep mode and I thought that Wifi connection may keep it awake when it tries to communicate with the tab... so I tried turning the airplane mode on before pressing the sleep button. Now the screen doesnt turn on aymore, I saw the button light go from orage to white but the screen doest turn on....the only downside is you have to turn the airplane mode off to conect to the net when you start using it again....

    Make sure that your Wifi connecivity policy is to "turn off when screen is off" as well...

    **edit 2**
    Just read a couple of posst that the issue may actually be the wifi....so trning the airplane mode on will work but I'm sure theres an app somewhere that would do this with a press of a button instead of actualy clickig a few buttons to turn the airplane mode off/on...
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  2. MrBlazito

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    the smaller update that we had a month ago solved that problem. since acer halted that update, you'll have to wait for the 3.1 update.
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    I agree with MrBlazito. If you are still having this problem it will get fixed in the update.

    But your proposed solution is worse than the problem.

    When you turn on airplane mode your email stops being checked, your Google Talk messages stop coming thru, and
    ALL YOU SAVE is a minute of screen display. It wakes up, and it goes right back to sleep. Taking it off the net
    is hardly a good solution.

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