RAM problem?

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    First of all, I'm sorry if this is not the right section to post this in - I was not really sure where to post this thread...
    The problem is that on my tablet Zenithink c91 a lot of apps force close - I figured it could be because of low memory levels - so I checked with android system info my ram - in Go Launcher EX my free RAM was shown to be 180 Mb while in Android System info it was 50 Mb - is it possible that the Launcher is the problem (I installed LauncherPro after that and everything seems better)... if you know any app that keeps mem in check I'd be glad to hear of it.
    I've solved the memory problem (somehow - npt really, but it is fine now), but my CPU load is always at 100% and it's because of android.process.acore - any ideas?
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