Recording a Lecture, help!

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    So I just started back to school and got permission from my professor to record her. She has a thick accent and talks VERY quickly. I am able to keep up with some notes, but always feel like im missing something. I want to record, hopefully from the tablet that I already bring to class. I tried recording using the internal one in class the other day. It picked up...well nothing but noise. I have heard of USB microphones, but am unsure if they will work because of drivers. Am scared to buy anything that might not work. Both of my classes are 20 students in smaller class rooms. No lecture halls.

    I did quite a few searches on Google hoping to find a mic that WILL work, but found nothing that said it would infact work. I found some USB's tested with a windows tablet. But that is not what I have/need.

    I am hoping for someone to point out an external mic that will work and hopefully work for the purpose I intend to use it for. I would also love if you could point out any software I need to make it work(I am currently unrooted, but would if I had to)

    I would also love if someone could possibly point out a software that would take the recording and type it out, on my tablet? I found no pointing of this in my searches, as of this moment I believe it undeveloped, but I could be wrong. Also any apps that may make my student life easier would be amazing. Searching apps seems to be a chore in itself.

    Thanks ever so much :)

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