Replaced WCE with A2.2 on cheap Netbook.. some glitches...

Discussion in 'WonderMedia Based' started by Renzulea, May 19, 2012.

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    I have a G2x (P999-V21e) Phone with A2.3.3 and a PoC chinese netbook currently running A2.2 build WM
    Hi all.... Been reading the posts here and thought you all sounded intelligent compared to some of the forums, so I joined here ! :)

    Here's my stats:
    Cheap Chinese Netbook given free from a sales seminar I went to with a friend..unknown seller or manufacturer.
    7" screen
    (onboard) Memory 256
    1g SD
    Model Number - "generic" (I kid you not! lol)
    Firmware vsn. - android 2.2
    Kernel Version - 2.6.29-00236-g4f8dbbb-dirty
    Build number - WMT2.1.2
    *Had* WinCE (Crap Edition) which glitched and finally crashed.
    Touchpad, but no touch screen. I'm using external mouse, cause I HATE touchpads..

    I found a build of Droid 2.2 from another forum, but it had battery issues (heated up HELLA quick!) and the volume freaked out, was always beeping and indicator flashed back and forth - annoying! So found another v2.2, put it on 256m SD with unetbootin and flashed machine...worked wonderfully! However....

    1. None of the applications (Apps store, you tube, skype, games, etc.) seem to work :( except (thank god) the Dolphin Browser, Aldiko and the wifi! (You can see in the pic below the apps are listed, but the file size is 0.00k - and I can't seem to delete them either.):mad:
    2. No matter how charged it is, gives me a "please connect charger" message.
    3. Installed getjar, but all quick downloads hang up at 0% downloaded.
    4. There's a few progs on there that I don't knowwhat they do... like Swapper2 makes my screen turn sideways, but doesn't seem to do anything else (and yes, I know what it's *supposed* to do):cool:

    I'm trying to get this set back up to use, I gave it to my son when I got my phone and laptop cause, well, although he's an adult back living at home with nothing, I can't be sitting in front of him with all this gadgetry and not throw him a bone :)

    So here's what I'm looking for:
    • A better/higher version of Android if possible - it seems to have a WonderMedia 8505 chipset, based on the flashing that's worked (and I seem to remember from before with the WCE, I think that's where I started this exodus.) Had read that the 8505 and 8650's were NOT the same or compatible, so have tried to avoid builds for the 8650, not wanting to brick it, but there's a LOT more out there for the 8650's....
    • Getting apps and/or app store working and able to install apps (not worried if I have to place the APK's on the SD and install them, they just need to *work*)
    • keeping the things that *are* working (i.e. the wifi) -well, working! :)
    • Prefer to put firefox mobile on there, as that's what he's used to
    • Gave him some e-books, so a good e-reader would be good
    • Skype so he can call his job applications and hopefully get out of OUR space - without using our cellphones.:cool:

    So, any ideas? I *know* I haven't gone through EVERY forum thread (that would take months to years) but most of the ones that seem relevant, but since I was still reading at 2am, and woke up and started again at 7:30, it's very likely I've missed some nuance, so any suggestions are welcome! :)

    Thanks in advance, and I have pics if they'll help. ~Ren

    Ren $111323-small.jpg $111730-small.jpg View attachment 6561 $111601-small.jpg $111653-small.jpg $111626-small.jpg
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    Lenovo A1/ Lenovo A2107A-F/Lenovo A1000/ Kobo Arc 7 64GB./Dell Venue 7/Acer Iconia B1
    I would sign up at Tech Know and then check out the ROMs available under Login I have heard that some tablet ROMs don't work on some netbook versions but don't know for sure.

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