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    Irobot A9 Amlogic MID tablet
    Hi. I have the[FONT=arial, sans-serif] [/FONT][FONT=arial, sans-serif]IRobot A9 Amlogic tablet. [/FONT]My device is a MID_C070A , Android version 2.21, Kernal 2.6.34, Build number

    I recently purchased an A9 MID tablet and it worked fine for 2 weeks then failed. I was using the tablet to play a game and it gave me the low battery warning. I was not able to charge at that moment so I shut it down. I plugged it in to charge that night and figured it would be fine by morning. The next day the tablet was all in Chinese and all my downloaded aps were missing. I found the setting to return the language to English and re-set up my wifi network but again after shutting the device down it reverted to Chinese on the next power up. This has happened several times since. Any help would be appreciated. As it stands the tablet is unusable.


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