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Discussion in 'Android Tablet Hacking' started by shaiknbaik, Oct 30, 2011.

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    Somebody please help me!! i have an acer iconia a500 and the power button is stuck and i want to send it back to acer so they can fix it...there is only one BIG BIG BIG problem...i had it rooted and installed a 3.2 rom then the power button got stuck and i was stupid and used iconia root to unroot it not thinking of the rom on i am not rooted and have the basic recovery image(because i was stupid and flashed it back to the orignal with another app) and i cant find a way to get the rom back to stock..all the ways require the power button i have yet to find a way to do this via adb because i have the original recovery...someone please help me!!! thank you

    quick summary:
    i am..
    -not rooted(no root privileges)
    -have basic recovery
    -and am running taboonay 3.2(which i need to get rid of!!)

    Somebody pleas help me i have been at this for 6 hours and cannot fix it:(
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    Make sure that the battery is dead and send it back. I don't think that they would not fix it just because you installed another version of android on it.

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