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    MY internet got unplugged for half a day and my 8 inch MID - android tablet 4.0 is stuck at the start it wants me to enter a password even though i never put a loggin password on it. it shows the clock a loggin space and at the bottom my internet name with a question mark in it. I put in my guest password for it but it just says sorry try again.I even tried my google account does not really tell you what type in. Is there a way to do a reset on it?
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    It is a password that is set in the Settings - Security section.

    If you added an exchange or VPN connection, it usually forces a password.

    I have never had my tablet just get a password without setting it myself.

    Long story short, you need to fail the password 5 times and then you can unlock with a google account so long as you have internet access.

    If you had USB Debugging ticked, you can connect via ADB and remove the lock.

    Beyond that, you will need to figure out how to wipe it using the hardware buttons and start over.

    See details here:

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