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    Growing GTR718
    Hello everybody,
    I just bought a tablet Growing GTR718 (Android 4.0) a couple weeks ago and a problem just arised.

    Suddenly (when I was "walking around" the tablet to know/understand it better) there was a flicker in the screen for some seconds. That was weird but it stopped and I just keep zapping across my tablet.

    When I try to turned it off, a white light remained on. That was very weird.
    Started to try to understand why that happened (because of the flicker, of course) and realized that:

    - If I put it to charge, all lights are off. Then I remove the power supply and both tablet and lights are off.
    - If I turn it on and then off, the white light stays on forever.
    - If the tablet are on and I put it on "stand-by mode", the lights are off.

    Anyone had some problem similar to this?
    Thanks in advance

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