Tablet Tweaks Merged to Cyanogenmod Sources, Now Available for Firmware Developers

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    Since the end of March, mad-murdock of Germany started a thread on XDA for development of enhancing the tablet friendliness of Cyanogenmod 7 on the Nook Color. Cyanogenmod is the most popular aftermarket build of Android. Version 7 of Cyanogenmod corresponds to Android 2.3 Gingerbread, which is the latest version of Android in which source code had been released by Google's Android development team.

    New features include the ability to move the Android status bar to the bottom (default is top), adding customizable software buttons to the status bar, enhancing long-press functionality for volume toggles, quick notification system that allows notifications to be toggled with a soft button press, and all of the new tablet features organized in a tablet settings area within the Cyanogenmod Settings menu. More features are in development, but this enhances the functionality of existing Android tablets that have the ability to run Cyanogenmod.

    All of these tablet optimized tweaks are now available for all to build. The changes had been sitting on the Cyanogenmod Gerrit Code Review for a couple of weeks, and finally have been merged into the source code today.

    The full list of modifications (as of now, anyways):
    XDA via @naobsd on Twitter
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    These are really encouraging news :) Thanks!

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