Tether my Prime to my Sprint Phone

Discussion in 'Asus TF201 Forum' started by michaelp68, May 1, 2012.

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    Hi folks. I've never gone down the road, before, of tethering a tablet to a phone, which I think is the same as saying I'd like to use my phone as a hot spot for my tablet.

    Phone is Motorola Photon on Sprint.
    Tablet is Transformer Prime.

    I've seen threads and on-line info about some apps that will do this.

    My boss will pay the $30 monthly fee for me to just have Sprint activate the service. Often, I can connect to wifi, but there are times when I cannot and it would help to have a connection for work purposes.

    I'm wondering if, besides the $30 monthly cost issue, there are any other reasons to avoid doing this directly through Sprint as opposed to the other options that seem to exist.

    Thoughts and guidance would be appreciated. Thank you.
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    I do not have any experience with the Photon, but most Motorola phones can tether in a pinch without having to pay your carrier.

    I would try it and see if it works.

    It should work if you can do WiFi (but not ad-hoc) or you can always do Bluetooth. If you choose Bluetooth, you will have to go into the BT settings on the Prime and tick the box to use this device for internet.

    ICS has ad-hoc blocked for some reason, but regular (infrastructure) access points work. Check out to see if your phone will do ad-hoc or infrastructure before you take the plunge.

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