The Fix for Can't Connect & Connected to Wifi but NO Interenet Access

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    For 3 days, I read hundreds of forum posts and finally fixed it thanks to all the advice out there.
    I wanted to write this to maybe save others the trouble ...
    First I couldn't connect and then when I did, I had no internet. Here's how I fixed both issues.

    ...First 'Forget' your WIFI netsork. Then turn your tablet vertical ( Portrait) and
    click on your SSID wireless.. When tablet is horizontal, you can't see the bottom options for proxy and IP Settings.

    ... Enter your password (remember it's case sensitive).
    ... Keep Prosy Settings at None
    ... Change IP Settings from the default DHCP to Static.
    ... The correct entries were already there but they were in the background. I just needed
    to retype the same numbers in. This is different for each tablet.
    ... Click Connect and I was connected immediately !

    Then still had the problem of No Internet Access
    ... On your PC .. open your router settings. I go to to get to the settings.
    I don't know if this is same for everyone. You can do this wirelessly or with an ethernet cable.
    ... I went to "Applications & Gaming" tab, then to QoS (Quality of Service) tab, and
    then Disabled the WNM Support. Make sure to save your new setting.

    And that fixed it. Now Connected with Internet. FYI, I have Acer Iconia A500 Tablet
    Hope this helps!
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    Welcome to the forum

    Good suggestionms but for most it isn't necessary to go quite that far to get a connection and the IP and settings vary from router to router. I think maybe you didn't see the link in my signature. ;);)

    The good thing is that you got it working.
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    Very detailed.

    A suggestion?

    For security reasons it is better to leave DHCP on but force the tablet to pick another iP ADDRESS. This is an option. Also the possibility of IP CONFLICTS is reduced. If a friend happens to have the same fixed IP and you have given them access!

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