The Zeki Tablet goods, bads and fixes

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    The quality of the product varies. One post mentions having two and one with low range on wi-fi which was exchanged and they work fine. Mine had a vertical line appear on the screen on the second day. It was easily exchanged. The brightness could be a little brighter. The widget with the brightness bar was added and it may have made it brighter than with the brightness slider in settings. In settings the brightness slider does little after half way. When your eyes move a certain way the image may appear grainy. It is not the sharpest text in the world. For browsing the net, photo and video it is great right out of the box. At 7in it seems the perfect size for a reading sites at the pub. If developing with Eclipse it is not recognized as a device and requires plugging in the usb, copying an exported .apk file, then clicking on it in the esfile browser to install it. The weak socio app store, lack of development fluidity, lack of interesting icons, difficulty in getting Google play installed makes me wonder how I people could ever like Android. The sample code from Google which includes Lunar Lander for making games has bugs and is not a good way to code games in general. Maybe we can have more vertical market fluidity of Apple dev but for Android. A good example is that Apple would have a USB driver so that Eclipse could recognize their device. Having no way to connect the IDE to the device in the case of the Zeki and having Google supply old sample game code which asks you to hit the up arrow to start on a screen with no keys lowers the value of developing for that platform. For every Android device that comes out there is a list of drivers needed for dev? If we don't is it because the devices are appearing randomly and there just isn't one out yet. This puts a big burden on deciding both what to buy for an android and how to develop for it.
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