Transformer Pad Infinity Getting a Stability and Performance Update Rollout Now

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    The brand new super-tab from Asus, the Transformer Pad Infinity, is now receiving an OTA update rollout. The update fixes some minor stability issues and enhances the general performance of the tab. This new update is version It's going out globally and includes compatibility fixes for some SD cards to go along with the stability and performance tweaks. If you don't want to wait for the OTA, you can grab the update manually by going to Settings > About tablet > Software updates. Of course, it is only rolling out to select areas at certain times, so yours might not show up yet. Just keep checking it again, or you could just wait a bit for the OTA. How many of you guys have already picked up this tab, or are planning to do so?

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    Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5
    changelog for .26:

    TF700T ICS v9.4.5.26
    • Touch Upgrade touch F/W to 7053 Add update fail dialog for touch firmware update
    • Improve eMMC file transfer performance(PC to Pad)
    • Fix MicroSD compatibility issue
    • Upgrade GMS(Google Mobile Services)
    - Chrome v18.0.1025123 (US and WW SKU only)/ GMail 4.0.5/ Google Maps 6.8.1/Google+ 2.6.0/ Play Store 3.5.19
    • System Behavior Screen does not turn on when removed from dock
    - When Tethering is enabled, WiFi won’t disconnect even when device sleeps.
    • File Manager Add Unzip Feature
    • FOTA Allow user NOT to accept FOTA for unlimited times.
    • Wi-Fi Direct Bug fix and performance fine-tune
    • MyLibrary Performance fine-tine
    • App Backup Phase in AppGuide 2.0 Increase backup size from 600MB to 2GB. Bug fix and UI fine-tune
    • Camera Upgrade camera f/W to 0xB03200 UI fine-tune
    • E-Mail & Exchange Add “Threading Display”, “OOO”, “Grouping Display”, “Rush Hour”, “Partial Download/Down the rest message”, “Select All option” Features Bug fix and performance fine-tune
    • Live Wallpaper Adds enable/disable animation setting in AsusDayScene.
    • Wall Paper Fix BMP, GIF images do not fill the whole screen as wallpaper
    • Settings USB to LAN accessory: Add Ethernet connection related settings in suspend mode.

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