Viewing Thai (or other non-Roman) fonts in PDF?

Discussion in 'Pandigital Novel' started by cliffsloane, Aug 27, 2012.

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    I just got a PDN for the primary purpose of reading PDFs that my Kindle cannot display well. I am having a problem with documents that use Thai characters.

    For opening PDFs, the native apps are B&N and OfficeSuite. Neither one displays Thai characters.

    I wrote to Support at OfficeSuite. They said their PDF viewer's font package doesn't support other fonts.

    I browsed in the device's directory structure and found Japanese and Chinese language support in the form of IME files.

    OK, here are the solutions I am asking about:
    1. Will copying a Thai IME file to the correct directory work?
    2. Will it work to install an entire Thai keyboard program?
    3. If the above ideas do not work, are there any other PDF viewers that I can use instead of OfficeSuite?*

    * BTW, the difference between B&N and OfficeSuite seems to be that B&N extracts the text from a PDF and displays it as text-only. Very helpful for academic papers, not so good for tables, charts and pictures.

    If an answer has already been posted, I beg forgiveness for this clutter and request a link to an answer. Thank you.

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