WiFi Connected But Not Internet

Discussion in 'Allwinner A33 Based' started by duranfj, Dec 23, 2019.

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    I have a tablet Allwinner A33 with Android 6.0.1 FirmWarev6.0rc3 Kernel 3.4..39.

    I tried to connected with different Wifi with the same result, "Connected Not Internet". I changed the IP/DNS Set up with all the different mixed I have ever used in my life with not change at all.

    I changed the time, reboot. Nothing works so if someone could please suggest me some options I would be more than graceful, It's going to be my son christmas present :(
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    Coby Kyros MID9742, Lenovo Tab 4 (8"), numerous phones
    From Connected to Wi-Fi, But No Internet Access in Windows? Here’s the Fix!
    "When you see the Connected, no internet access, connected but no internet, or similar errors on your computer, it means that your computer is connected to the router correctly but can’t connect to the internet. Conversely, if you see Not connected, no internet or No internet connection messages, it means that your computer is not connected to a router at all."

    The article does detail some steps you can try. That said, take the tablet to a public hotspot, e.g. McDonalds, and try to connect there. If the tablet connects and you're able to access the Internet then any of the following are possible. A) You entered the router password wrong on the tablet. B) The tablet is trying to connect to the Internet on a disabled frequency, e.g. 2.4GHz when you have it disabled in the router. C) The tablet isn't recognizing the encryption used on the Internet connection.

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