Wikitude World Browser now Optimized for Honeycomb

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    While Wikitude itself is not new, its Honeycomb support is. Augmented reality on a tablet, pretty cool right?

    Wikitude World Browser is a fun, innovative and informative Augmented Reality ( AR ) platform allowing you to discover what’s around you in a completely new way. By using the camera, simply hold up your smartphone and explore your surroundings. Wikitude will overlay the camera’s display and the objects you look at with additional interactive content and information - really cool! Wikitude World Browser has been voted “Best Augmented Reality browser in 2010” !
    *Find events, tweets, Wikipedia articles, ATMs, restaurants, user reviews and much more around you
    *Experience places near you in augmented reality or show them on a map and list view
    *Browse more than 100 million places and interactive content
    *Explore and identify places and objects near by
    *Search for specific places, for example “thai restaurant”
    *Find mobile coupons and discounts for stores and shops near you



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