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    (mods, please make this sticky# 4)

    From xboxexpert:

    Introducing XE-Sero7ROM US/UK (w/ TabletUI) v².² [P756.]

    nightshack0's Sero7 kernel integrated into the installer
    Fully Debloated with minimal but professional apps
    Fully Deodex Framework and APK files
    Full EXT4 Support
    180 or 213 DPI ROMS to choose from! 180 may break some market Apps but it looks GREAT!
    Over 80 megs of BS remove from the factory rom.
    Rooted with SuperSU & binaries have been updated to latest version
    Removed stock launcher and added Apex Launcher
    Daydream has been fixed! Finally..

    Added Xposed Framework, XposedApps, Modaco, Tweakbox, Bubblelevel & Sound Recorder
    (Modaco adds Multi-Reboot menu!) (screenshot) (screenshot)
    (Modaco adds Multi-User on Lockscreen!) (screenshot)
    (Modaco adds Battery % for those who don't want tabletUI!)

    Added missing fonts that fix a magnitude of applications and games from not working.
    Added hosts file that blocks over 36,000 ad pushing sites.
    Added Quickboot for fast Application based reboot option and Uninstaller for a fast uninstaller option.
    Updated Google Framework and Google Play Store (no need to wait for Play Store to update to the latest version)
    Updated ALL /system apks to latest versions!
    Removed initial setup wizard for Google Play Store
    TABLET UI v²!! No Screenshot button!!!!!! & Circle Battery Mods!
    Pressing Volume Down and Power exactly at the same time for a 1 second HOLD will snap a screen shot! (Stop complaining about the lost button)

    Download links [To download go to File > Download]:

    [US ROM] XE-SeroROM v².² 213 DPI [Slightly Stripped] P756.
    [US ROM] XE-SeroROM v².² 180 DPI [Slightly Stripped] P756.

    Coming Soon:
    [UK ROM] XE-SeroROM v².² 213 DPI [Slightly Stripped] P756.6.01.04.EN00
    [UK ROM] XE-SeroROM v².² 180 DPI [Slightly Stripped] P756.6.01.04.EN00

    [US ONLY KERNEL] nightshack0's Sero7 kernel is built into the ROM see Post 1 for the link if you need to flash separately

    [MOD] TabletUI Mod v² w/ Stock Battery Icon
    [MOD] StockUI Mod v² w/ Stock Battery Icon (uninstalls tabletUI)

    [MOD] Green Circle Battery Icon (with charging animation) [​IMG]
    [MOD] Blue Circle Battery Icon (with charging animation)
    [MOD] Green Tiny Circle Battery Icon (with charging animation) [​IMG]
    [MOD/My Favorite] Blue Tiny Circle Battery Icon (with charging animation)

    ROM Install Instructions:
    Step 1: Copy both zips to your internal or external SDCard
    Step 2: Boot to CWM Touch Recovery (No USB Cord, Volume - and Power On)
    Step 3: Wipe System
    Step 4: Wipe Data
    Step 5: Wipe Cache
    Step 6: Wipe Dalvik-Cache
    Step 7: Flash the zip
    Step 9: Boot into the ROM once and setup Google Play Store
    You are now free to Proceed to the MODS section and get your tabletUI groove on!

    MODS Install Instructions:
    Pre: If you are going to flash a Custom Battery Icon and want TabletUI you need to flash the TabletUI 1st then the Circle Mod of your choice directly after.
    Step 1: Copy zip to your internal or external SDCard
    Step 2: Boot to CWM Touch Recovery (No USB Cord, Volume - and Power On)
    Step 3: Flash the zip
    Step 4: Reboot

    Additional tweaks for the Apex Launcher you will need to perform for full Tablet UI:

    First double tab the main screen to get the menu to pop up. Click Apex Settings.

    In Homescreen Settings enable TabletUI checkbox.
    In Drawer settings make Horizontal Margin (NONE)
    In Drawer settings make Drawer background transparency 70%
    In Drawer settings make Portrait Grid 8 x 4
    In Drawer settings make Landscape Grid 4 x 8
    In Behavior settings make Screen orientation (landscape)
    In Behavior settings check Home key to default screen
    In Advanced Settings check Keep in memory
    In Advanced settings uncheck Report usage and errors

    Download Bubble level by Antoine Vianey it will allow you to calibrate your Sero 7 Accelerometer sensor

    Additional tweaks for the system framework for faster performance:
    Enable Developer options - Go to System > About tablet > tap 7 times on Build number
    Enter into Developer options menu on left side and change Window, Transition and Animator scale to ".5"
    You can also enable the ADB Debugging feature in Developer options.

    Install Xposed Framework from the included APP and then enable all modules within the app module section, reboot.
    Use Modaco and enable the following Under Google Nexus (all)
    Enable advanced reboot and show users on lockscreen, reboot again.
    Enjoy a nice Reboot Power Menu and multiuser functionality through the settings application!!

    There is an Google Play app called Thumb Keyboard it is amazing and should be purchased if you want a great keyboard for this 7" Tablet just choose 7" Standard layout when you set it up for the first time.

    Additional application cleanup:
    I was made aware that there are still 3rd party applications installed even after you wipe your device. They are located in /thirdparty and can either be moved or deleted. In the next release I will have that folder wiped clean, for now you can use a file manager to do it yourself.

    Teaser of the XE-SeroROM in action

    XBMC over WiFi HDMI on XE-SeroROM

    [MOD] Sero 7 Pro Inductive Charging Pad
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