128GB NTFS Sandisk MicroSD Card


Dec 30, 2011
Per a post on another that I did order several 128 GB Sandisk microSD cards (3 so far). I suggest Amazon as they are real cards - I avoid ebay.

Each tablet I have has some pluses and minuses, often, undocumented even in the reviews. There is no perfect tablet.

With my two Acers' (a700, A500 aka Gateway A60) one *HUGE* plus over my other tablets such as Samsung Tab2 is that they use HTFS via the microSD card and/or the USB 2,0 interface. I've used both as media serves, for example, with 3 TB external hard drives. If you're unfamiliar with HTFS look it up - it's much better then FAT32 and others. Most PCs will be using NTFS.

With my 64GB Sandisk microSD and now my 128 GB Sandisk microSD cards, I first formatted them to NTFS using my PC (they come preformatted as extFAT). I simply copied my data off the 64 GB card (I have backups) to the new 128GB card.

If you use a USB adapter make sure you order a SDXC version and make sure it's USB 3.0. They cost about $5 on ebay. If your laptop or desktop has a card slot you can also use that - a microSD to SD adapter is included with the Sandisk package.

For other tablets (like my Samsung Tab2, 7") FAT32 is probably your best bet. Works ok but there are some limitations related to the file system.

Note: The 128 GB card formats to 119 GB using NTFS. Make sure to use a PC and to scandisk the card periodically and do backups.