1990s Fujitsu 1600 tablet PC... wonder if I could droid it?


Aug 16, 2010
I have a couple of tablets I bought back in the 1990s (Shush....don't tell Apple, they think they invented the tablet ;-). One is a Fujitsu 1600 running Win 95. The other is a Fujitsu 3400 running Win 98. They both fire up and work perfect. Well you have to redefine "Perfect" when referring to anything that runs Win 95 but the tablet itself is still perfect.
I still use the 3400 a lot with black box shortwave radios (Ten Tec R320). The 1600 just sits. Wonder if I could Droid the 1600 with all the old technology inside it? For no reason. Just to do it. Unless someone knows of any Ham radio or shortwave radio Android apps out there?


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Aug 6, 2010
Quite simply, No. You might easily get a version of Linux on it, but not Android. And even then, some versions of Linux will be molasses. Certain "thin" Linuxes will work. But the real issue is the driver for the touchpad/pen surface. There are some out there. But unless you know which screen and driver, you may not get anything but a touchless PC requiring Mouse and Keyboard with Linux. Research your screen and 1600 and discover if someone created a driver for it. THen you are in business.

Best of Luck