2 Wiipad Slim Plus -both have same MAC Address


Nov 1, 2010
Last week I received 2 Wiipad Slim Pluses that I ordered and they seem to be working fine (other than the customary 'Market Issues), but they both have the same MAC Address, and consequently that is messing things up when trying to connect via WiFi.

I have spent the past 3 days reading all I can about tis and it seems to me that spoofing the MAC address on one of these should solve the problem, is this correct?

I have rooted my tablet based upon instructions at xda-dev.

I did try it using the ip command and details I have seen in other posts, but my the terminal tells me 'ip not found' even after installing busybox.

Any suggestions and am I even in the right direction here?

Search on my name and you will find a thread about changing MAC addresses about two-three weeks ago. It will describe and point you in the right direction. This is a known issue and you are not the first to raise it.
Gurgle, thank you for the reply.

I had seen the post you referenced a few days ago http://www.androidtablets.net/forum...5-mac-adress-spoofing-android-1-6-tablet.html

and followed the directions, but my rooted tablet seems to be missing the 'ip' command needed to make the change. I have installed busybox, but I have a feeling I used an incorrect build as when I try to implement a command 'busybox ip ....' the terminal locks up.

Anyway to repair or reinstall or simply install the ip command?


Solved the MAC address issue using FWDN since I had to reflash the ROM.
Now back to getting it rooted, again and the then the Market Fix.