5v power jack for tablet


Dec 1, 2012
My 7015 tablet light will not come on when attached to the power cord.

I know the power cord works because, it is the same size as my blue tooth device,

and when it is pluged to the blue tooth, it charges the blue tooth just fine.

Could it be the battery or is it the power Jack on the board?

How do I test these to see which one is defective.

If I need a 5v on board power jack, where can I get one,

I do have someone that said they can solder it on.

Please help, I hate starting all over with a new table, this one is already rooted!
I am having the same problem. My power adapter has a lamp. When I plug it into the Android Tablet the lamp goes off , and the tablet indicates it is not charging. When I wiggle the power adapter cord while it is plugged in the lamp comes back on and the tablet indicates it is charging (but only for a minute).

Therefor, I believe the power jack is shorting out.

I also need a power jack so I can replace mine.

Can anyone help us find replacement power jacks.