Info Needed For Tablet Purchase


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Apr 29, 2016
The tablet that I have my eye on is a RCA 10 Viking Pro. I am looking for any and/or info on this tablet before I buy it. Can It be rooted? Any other info that can be had. One of the things I like already on the RCA tablet is that it has 2 USB ports, 1 is 2.0 port and the other port is a micro type B port and a 5vdc in jack for charging.

One of the problems with the ZTE K90U tablet that I have is that the ZTE take an electret capsule mic and the mic is powered by about 2.5 to 4V coming out of the mic jack. The ZTE lacks an audio manager app that tells the mic jack it is ether an electret capsule mic, a standard non powered mic or a line in, like the picture bellow. My Dell laptop has the single audio jack for in and out and the dell laptop also has the audio manager prog.

Were I am going with this is. I have an Android app that serves as a remote transceiver prog for a remote base. The digital decoder prog (like rtty) is also a sound card driven prog. I have to cross connect the sound cards for the decoder prog to receive and transmit I can do this with 2 laptops. But I don't have a dedicated space to put the 2nd laptop. As it is I have to fold and close the tablet and store it when it isn't use to make the table available.

Also if I have to go with ether a blue tooth or a USB type audio line in/out adapter, Were can I find one? I have been looking for one on eBay and found nothing

audio manager.jpg