7" or 10" Capacitive, 700mhz vs 1ghz, w/ HDMI out - Preferences?


Jul 31, 2010
Primarily looking for a tablet to read books, comic books occasionally watch movies and maybe play a droid game or two. Also, make use of a few of those awesome droid apps.

This would remain at home, since smart phones are already ruggedly built for functionality and portability.
Basically, I just want it to take place of my laptop since i don't like reading off of my computer screen with the limited angles and bulkiness it offers when you're trying to sit in a comfortable position.

Things I would like to know::

1. Is the 7-inch good for reading? If so, would there be any other reason to get the 10inch?

2. In terms of comfort level (weight, shape), which feels more manageable when holding the 7" or 10"?

3. How great is the difference in speed between the 700mhz processor and the 1ghz? and would it have an adverse affect on the applications i would use it for?

Bottom line preferred specs::
Capacitive Touch Screen or Resistive Multi-touch 7" or greater w/ HDMI out and Android 2.1 OS

Please let me know if the resistive screen suffices for the tasks i have in mind, and if the hdmi out is worth it. As far as I know they are just improvements on the features. Any pricing would be awesome.

I am aware these are rather specific questions, so any feedback is appreciated.

Here are several tablets I found and look forward to hearing about


Malata 10" Capacitive




Notion Ink ADAM!!! This looks so beast. Ultimately, this is what i want.

7" tablets im watching (and some are currently out)::

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Jul 31, 2010
After seeing your links, I guess the "Malata 10" Capacitive" and "ODROID" is seriously awesome! Malata didn't copy any design, so it's own design makes the tablet much comfortable. Also ODROID is also has very fast hardware. Both are great, but one problem is that these two machines has very good hardwares, which will cost nearly 600 bucks basically. with the 3G, it would cost more. But, if it comes out, it could be a great suplement for window tablet pcs or ipads :)


Oct 10, 2010
I'm thinking the Archos 70 due out soon would suit your needs. It's what I have narrowed my search down to. I too need it primarily for reading books, contacts, todo lists etc. I previously used a Toshiba PDA and was extremely happy. It only just recently died and I need a replacements.
My main concerns are Battery life, screen comfort in my hands (holding it for hours at night reading), and screen responsiveness were all main priorities.
I have been reasearching these items and have decided it is definately the way to go.
Also, with my eyesight failing, have decided the 7" screen would be a blessing, but didn't want to go as big as 10", as this is a bit bulky to carry in my handbag.
2.2 seems to have given the advantages of battery life and software choices.
Also, I think camera (for skype) and flashplayer for videos are a bonus. So now I'm just waiting for availability and a reliable supplier.

Hope this helps you.
Also, any advise for me would be greatly appreciated as well.


Oct 23, 2010

Here are several tablets I found and look forward to hearing about
YouTube - Pegatron 10" capacitive Android Tablet

Malata 10" Capacitive


Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid hands-on and impressions -- Engadget
ExoPC Slate Tablet Product Information - PCWorldNotion Ink ADAM!!! This looks so beast. Ultimately, this is what i want.

7" tablets im watching (and some are currently out)::
X10 MID Tablet PC 7 Inch WIFI Ebook Office 1080P GPS H.264 2GB HDMI


Sounds like you're already in a good place looking at the big hitters

I've been researching for quite awhile myself, and for what my opinion's worth, I feel like the Adam is going to be THE android tablet to get at the end of the day. Rohan and his startup have done an INCREDIBLE job designing, engineering, and coding a magnificent piece of hardware (well, what sounds like one anyway) while simultaneously keeping the general public relatively well informed about the process. And considering Notion Ink is just a startup firm... I could go on and on, but bottom line, if you're looking for an Android tablet that takes full advantage of the OS to date, carries an spec sheet that reads like a dream and will provide a good, responsive, low-energy build of the software the Adam is your best bet. (Again, in my humble opinion)

Last I heard realease was going to be mid November...