A81E problem with Micro SD card


Nov 20, 2010
First I am a total Newb with these tablets. Here is what happened and what do you guys think about it?
Been using new A81E for a few days. Installed a 16gig SD on the day I got it. All worked ok. Transferred a couple of files from my laptop to SD card then used the files. This morning I turned on my A81E. It seamed to fail part way through the boot sequnce then start over. Once it did boot up it would either lock up or after a bit reboot itself. I tried my spare battery with no change. Then I noticed that in the upper left corner it said that it was preparing SD card then would show some gears or something. I had to put the SD card in my laptop and delete all files before it would work properly in my A81E. Unfortunately I did not delete them one by one to see which file it was, I just shotgunned it and deleted them all.
Does this happen often? What do you think?