About Rooting the Nook Color . . .


Mar 20, 2011
Here's my dilemma:

I been thinking of acquiring a tablet or the nook color... :confused:

1) what you will be using the tablet for?
- Mostly for checking my emails, light web surfing, couple of apps (House Maintenance, Personal Assistant, Astrid, and some more like that), couple of games (maybe even Angry Birds! also as a reader with the Kindle app (to kill time between missions)

2) how much you are willing to spend
- Around $300 to $350

3) if you have an idea, what the size of the tablet should be?
- I was thinking of a "7 (10" it's to big to carry around in my line of work)

4) how much you know about Android?
- Currently own a Sprint HTC Hero, I like it but I hate all the stupid space consuming apps installed by Sprint!

5) Please list your location somewhere.
- USA, Afghanistan maybe Libya next!

I was reading the Barnes and Noble Nook color can be hacked and use as a tablet running Android Honeycomb and some claim all you have to do is insert and SD Card during the boot process and presto, you are done!

Android 3.0 Honeycomb for Nook Color! 8GB SD + Rooted! - eBay (item 160557421593 end time Mar-20-11 08:32:55 PDT)

Is that really truth is it really that simple ? ? ? :confused:

Please forgive my ignorance since I'm relatively new to this sort of things! :(

Thanks in advance for the time and advice! :cool:
Yes, the NC can be hacked/rooted/jailbroken to become a fully armed and operational battle station, err, I mean Android tablet.. It does everything you're asking, and it does it for less than the price you're willing to pay. Rooting is a very easy and fast process. You get a micro SD card, install a program to make it bootable, then you put the ROM of your choice on, reboot with the card in, flash that ROM, and boom, you're ready to run. It really is that is. The hardest part is picking out which ROM you want to run. I haven't tried any of the Honeycomb ROMs yet, because I hear they're all very young and need refinement. However, I'm running a Gingerbread ROM called Phiremode v5.1 and it's very polished. Easily ready to use every day without glitches.

Based on your travels, I'm assuming you're military.. Keep your head down and stay safe my friend.. Thank you for all that you do for this country!