Apps That Make A Rooted Nook Color a Super e-Reader

Rico 2001-----what did you use to root your NC...looking to do mine and not sure whats the best to flollow?

I used the method below with nooter02 image file. Most people use the autonooter image to root, which includes the market and lots of extras already done for you. The root method is the same for either image you decide to use.

Re-rooting your NC from auto update of 1.0.1.
has anyone tried using adobe reader? it doesnt see any pdfs that i have. i put the pdfs in the root of the media folder, and books
I've had better luck by navigating to them with a file manager (Astro) and then opening from there. In that case they can be on either the sdcard or internal memory and reader doesn't mind.

ok cool, it only works when u put the pdfs on sdcard, not sure why it doesn't read the internal memory thanks guys. have any of u got google books to run?
How are you getting overdrive to load the books without using the computer? I saved to my sd card from the library, using opera - but the extension is not recognized

I had to use Astro file manager to open the file, in Dolphin HD it comes up as gibberish, I did save to file and then used Astro. That seems to be properly associated with overdrive.