Acer Iconia A500 - soft buttons don't respond during portrait mode. Please help


May 16, 2012
Hi All

I do hope I could get some assistance on this problem. The three icons/soft buttons at the bottom left of the Acer Iconia A500 screen as well as the slide feature located at the bottom right of the screen where the time display is shown, does not respond when my tablet enters portrait mode. Some apps such as Shazam, Temple Run, Where's my Water etc. automatically shift landscape mode into portrait mode, and therefore these apps can only be closed by shutting down my tablet, since these apps do not allow my tablet to enter landscape mode when my tablet is turned onto a horizontal position, nor does the soft buttons function. I'm running ICS (unrooted) at the moment and I do not recall if this problem existed when I had Honeycomb, since I only have this tablet for a month or so. Does this problem exist on all A500 devices or only mine? I've searched for possible explanations however most discussions are based on screen rotations only. Bare in mind my screen DOES rotate when i need it to (unless using the apps mentioned above) however the soft buttons do not function on portrait mode only.

Is there any way I can remedy the situation without doing a soft/hard reset? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!