G-Sensor On Portrait Mode


Jan 21, 2011
My tablet's g-sensor is fine in landscape mode like Need for Speed but is -90 degrees (up is right and down is left) in portrait games and apps such as Temple Run. Most g-sensor fixes (don't work [setenv, export, etc. because they aren't in the sh or bash]) only rotate the g-sensor, fixing the orientation for some games, but not others. If I rotate the g-sensor 90 degrees, then I will fix the portrait games, but at the same time be unable to play landscape games.

On phones, however, there is some hidden system setting that allow gameplay in portrait mode to work (on phones the g-sensor is portrait by default), and the g-sensor will be rotated for play in landscape mode, allowing games like Need for Speed and Temple Run to both run in perfect orientation even if the other is running simultaneously minimized in the background. On some tablets, this system setting is missing, so games in some orientations will work fine while others conflict with the g-sensor orientation.

Basically I need to know if such a setting exists and is it possible to bring it to the android tablets that don't have it. Custom roms are OK, but when it comes to helping the general community as a whole they're usefulness is sorely limited (from those that buy low end tablets that get NO support when it comes to custom roms). I believe this is probably the developer's issue of the month, so it will probably take a while for good replies to come. :eek: Thanks!