ADB for G Tab Step-by-Step

Unluigging the device and pluggin it back on while watching the usbview, the only thing that changes is the tegra 2 usb device comes and goes. No other uknown.
In APX mode, the Nvidia usb boot recovery comes and goes with turning it on and off.
I'm being anal, but you hit "refresh" in usbdeview, right? Oh, this is pretty minor but while you're plugged in, you might also make sure your gTab screen is on (not sleeping).

EDIT: another thought, seems unlikely since usbdeview is like "industrial strength" but before unplugging you can check in Device Manager, and remove any devices/drivers that look possibly gTab-related, e.g.,

find your gtab. depending on your previous attempts, this may be under "Android Phone" at the top (Android ADB Interface, make sure it's your tab and not your phone), or under "Universal Serial Bus controllers" on the bottom (called Android somethingorother. should be at the top of the list.)

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USB view updates automatically when you plug in and out.
I did try another driver update route. I went into DM, device properties, and did a manual update pointing to the modified INF and I get this.
Im wondering if my gtab being new, does not show up to windows like the older ones and therefore when modifying the inf, if pointing to it windows does not see a driver for it in the INF. I noticed that the instructions at the beginning of this thread it says I should have (Android ADB Interface), or NVIDIA harmony. I dont have any of those in my DM list. Only the Nividia tecra 2 usb device under drives.
I kind of doubt that. Again, forgive the dumb question: but are you expanding all the device categories in DM? Some of the drivers can "hide" in other places. Something I remember with the Nook was that I had to delete the devices under "Portable Devices". Still, usbdeview is the preferred route
because no USB connections can hide there. :)

EDIT: another thing to check...remind me how you modified the .inf, and did you reopen it after editing to confirm?

Yes did all that. I did make progress. I found that under the USB list was an 'Android Debug something a ruther"
I manually updated that and now Im able to see the adb device.
This is progress. Now to figure out how to flash the CWM through adb and im in business I think!
F-ing A. :) Awesome. This is JUST like the problems with ADB on the Nook Color. Maybe because I already had it running on the NC, the gTab was easier.

Update when you have more news.

Peter I cannot get it to save after I edit the android_winusb.inf? Also should I be including the last sentence, save the file and exit?