add ebook to archos 70


Dec 29, 2011
Can anyone help - I have a new Archos 70 250gb and would like to read a ebook on it, is there any way to do this,
there is a ebook app on it Aldiko but I cant get it to read a book file. is there a special way to paste in the file.


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Aug 6, 2010
Aldiko is one of the least intuitive readers in my opinion, I use IReader on my 101. My memory is you have to click Settings, then oppen library and import find the folder where you have placed the e-book(s). Then open to import. It looks fancy, but while some may love Aldiko, give me IReader, CoolReader and a PDF reader even Acrobat.

Tom T

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Feb 18, 2011
FBRreader as well, the beauty of FB, and Cool Reader as well, is just drop.the books in folder Books in the root directory of your internal SD card and they will display them, easy as pie...never quite sure why pie was considered easy though, I could never make one.

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