Add phone capabilities to your tablet (original)


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Jun 30, 2010
With the new Galaxy tab release and the news it has been hacked to make phone calls, it made me think of sharing a way to turn your tablet into a phone. You will be able to make and receive calls and also send and receive texts all over wifi or 3g for absolutely FREE!! This should work on any tablet (with a mic of course)

What you will need:
1.Google Voice number-
2.Gizmo5, sipgate or something similarGizmo5 Has Been Acquired by Google / VoIP PBX - 30-day free trial - move your phones to the cloud
3.Sipdroid, csipsimple app- Sipdroid-2.0.1.apk - sipdroid - Create PBX account linked to Google Voice, call option "always ask" - Project Hosting on Google Code / CSipSimple_0.00-15-13-tls.apk - csipsimple - CSipSimple dev build for 0.00-15-13 with TLS - Project Hosting on Google Code
4.Google Voice call free app or buy the full version and support the dev Google Voice Call Advanced for Android
5.Dialer one app-DialerOne_v1.2.3.apk - dialerone - Dialer One v.1.2.3 - Project Hosting on Google Code
6.Google voice app old version - Download free Google Voice app for Android at Freeware Lovers

To make and receive calls:
Step 1- Download all the required apps and sign up for all needed accounts - gizmo5/sipgate Google voice(you need an actual phone to register Google voice)

Step 2- Register your gizmo5/sipgate number with Google voice. This part is a little tricky you need a sip phone to register your sip number. Because what Google voice does is call your sip number and gives you a two digit number to enter to register it. Once you have it registered click the box so it forwards to that number. What I did is used these set up instructions but set up my gizmo5 number with sipdroid on my droid first and then Google voice could call my sip number because it used my network number to forward but an easier way might be to get free sip phone software for your computer and use that to register your sip number with Google voice. I haven’t tried this but hopefully someone will try it and let us all know if it works in the comments.

Step 3- Set up sipdroid or csipsimple. Go into settings and set up an account for username use your sip number or sip account name for password use sip account password for server/ proxy for gizmo5 use for sipgate

Step 4- Set up Google Voice free call. for user name use the Google email that your Google voice number is activated with and password use the password for that account. Then for call back number type in your sip number and don’t forget the 1 in front. Then set it to use Google voice to make all calls.

Step 5- test it. I use dialer one on my phone so I use it on my tablet too just go into it and dial anyone you would like and see how it works. GV free call will place a call to you, you answer it, and then it will call the number you dialed. on the receiving end they will see your Google voice number so now you will have the same number for calls and texts.

To send and receive texts:
The new Google voice app won’t let you set it up with a sip number so use the older one that I provided a link to and you will have no problem. If you just want a number to send and receive text messages on your tablet get a Google voice number and install this older GV version app i think it will let you sync it with your Google talk account but i haven't tested this theory yet.

Known issues:
Through my test I have found these following issues, these are my experiences they might be different for you but just a heads up. Over wifi sipdroid doesn’t have any sound on the end of the number you call. So you will be able to hear them fine but they won’t be able to hear you. I fixed this issue on csipsimple by turning stun on but when I turn stun on in sipdroid it won’t let my service register. With csipsimple I wasn’t able to accept incoming calls which I have been in communication with the devs and they don’t know what the problem is so hopefully it won’t happen to you UPDATE:csipsimple does let you accept incoming calls it was dialer one that was causing the problem, if you still want to use dialer one like me go into dialer ones settings - advanced settings - dtmf and change it to 50. Sometimes you might have to restart these apps to make sure they work probably. I personally use csipsimple it just seems more user friendly and seems to work better but that’s just my opinion.

Both gizmo5 and sipgate are currently closed to new applicants so I was hoping by sharing this with the awesome community here at we would be able to figure out something else that works, UPDATE: I am this close to figuring a work around for this issue it is a lot more work but free and open to new comers, if you are interested in helping smooth out this process and get it working let me know in the comments. There are a couple of gizmo5 accounts for sale on ebay if you want to go that way.

Please please share your thoughts, questions, and findings in the comments here. I know my signature says email me with questions but for this project please just ask your questions here and not to my email. I will continue updating this and tweaking it to make it smoother and easier to understand.

to see most recent how to go here


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Jun 30, 2010
This is great if you already have a gizmo5 account or sipgate account but if not please check out the most recent how to linked to above. If you would still like to do it this way i have a couple of gizmo5 accounts that i could sell.


Dec 7, 2010
Good thing I have Gizmo 5 and GV account since Grand Central (before Google bought them) days. This is good news as I need VoIP on my device. I use Onesuite VoIP as my regular VoIP service which I think is compatible with SipDroid, though I haven't tried it yet as I don't have my own tablet yet. Planning to buy one in the next few days and hopefully I can try setting it up for VoIP calls.