aLapRecorder Lap timer & video


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Feb 5, 2011
Has anyone tried aLapRecorder? It's an application you use on a track (or any driving) to record laps on a track, with video and overlaid gauges. You could replay the videos and review the recorded data later.

I had it since the Android 2.0 was out, and it was a very good application to use to record laps on a track, with the overlaid gauges. You could replay the videos later.

But, since Android 4.0 came out, the application has had problems, and the developer, UKLooney, seems to have gone AWOL.

The website for aLapRecorder is and there is a discussion forum for all the developers apps there too; which is "offline for maintenance" since 12/2012 ....

I would like to ask all the members here if they know the developer of aLapRecorder, and if they can get a message to him to look into updating the application to work on Android 4. I don't think any new features are needed; it probably just needs to be corrected to save the video & data files when you stop a recording session (which is when the app crashes.) I sould presume it just needs some code corrected for the correct 4.0 API method calls. If tere was a crash report, you could find out, but the popup just says the app 'has Stopped.'

There is a similar aplication called RaceChrono, but it's expensive, and I happen to like aLapRecorder.