Aldiko Book Reader 2.0 is out now!

Download Aldiko Book Reader 2.0 (Aldiko 2.0)

You can download Aldiko 2.0 (the latest version of Aldiko ) here:
Please note that Aldiko 2.0 requires devices with Android OS version 2.1 or above to work on.

I liked it at first, but i find it a little bit clunky.
Instead I installed NOOK. Way better looking and the choices of fonts are better.

You have to search on GOOGLE for the NOOK app. I did not find it in Market.
Love the new version of Aldiko. The update has some pretty good improvements! I prefer it to the Kindle app. :)
I installed it but found it to be quite buggy.

Crashed 3-4 times on me in 30 minutes. Also, the User Interface has gone backward. On older version, if a book don't have the cover page, the name was visible separately. In latest version, the book's name is not visible.
further, I found it to be quite slow compared to older version.

Uninstalled it within an hour itself.
I just got a Coby 7015 this afternoon - how can I tell which version of Alkido is currently on the tablet?

edited 20110128 11:20pm: I figured it out - hit the MENU button for options

I had version 1.x
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Just go to the AppsLib market and select My Apps and you get a list of already installed programs. Since Aldiko comes with the tablet, AppsLib will tell you if an update is available.
Yea the Kindle app is the easiest to use with the most options to read with. It is super easy to add books to also.
Wow. Big changes here. I don't hate it but I definitely prefer the Kindle app. Nice changes overall.

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