Amazon Free App of the Day

Todays free app is pics say pro not a bad app!!

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Interesting choice today, WolframAlpha search engine.
Akinator is good! I only stumped him once, or it could be that I got a question wrong.
Thanks Vic, OP updated. I tries the free version of this from the regular market a while back an though it is fun in a silly sort of way it doesn't scale right for the nook. Maybe this one is updated to work with the larger screen.
you can have gps on your nook via blutooth gps (~$20-50 is amazon) and using the bluetooth gps app (from market)
but seriously though i can't see carrying that and the nook while golfing :)

You can also do it with wifi tether to a gps phone and leave it in the cart like a car navigation/entertainment center :)
Why doesn't this look better on the nook? Is it because the way the game was written? Our graphics are better right?