Amazon's Superpad3/Flytouch X220 16GB - A new User's Review


Jun 21, 2011
Well, I did a ton of research here and in other forums (and saw a ton of YouTube Reviews) and I finally pulled the trigger today and made my purchase of a Superpad 3/ Flytouch 2 Android 2.2 Tablet PC with 16GB Storage and 512 RAM from Here is the link to the item that I purchased: New 10.2" Superpad3/Flytouch X220 16GB 1GHz Froyo Android 2.2 ePad Tablet PC with 512mb ram GPS + BONUS LEATHER CASE HDMI+RJ45 PRIORITY SHIPPING With Signature Confirmation From USA SELLER: Electronics

My plan is to give anyone who is looking at buying one of these models from Amazon a step by step account of what my experience was like from purchase, to rooting, to updating the firmware, to the apps that install and their overall performance. My hope is that I can consolidate all of the good advice I have found here and elsewhere on this particular Android Tablet into one place to better assist the community.

For starters I am going into this knowing that this particular model is flooded with dozens of knock off and clones, and the one that I purchased does not have the highest battery capacity of the iBex Version, which is said to be the authentic version. However, in my searching I was not able to find a single US-based seller of these iBex Models with the 8000 mah batteries. I found a couple of chinesse based wholesalers of this model with the large battery like ************** and, however I was really a little hesitant to send my money overseas without some sort of protection from fraud. If these guys decided to rip me off, send me a clone or worse, nothing at all, how would I get my money back? Chinnagrabber actually seemed like a good bet at first, what with PayPal's logo right on their website, however after I called PayPal to verify their claim to being a 2010 Preferred Seller, the people over at PayPal could not confirm that. This worried me.

So in the ended as I could not find a US-Based wholesaler of these products, I decided to buy mine from At least if I get ripped off somehow and they send me a bad product, I can fight these guys and get my money back. Anyone who had success buying from the Chinese wholesalers, please share your experiences with me! As if this one is a good tablet, I might buy another!

So on Saturday morning June 25th, 2011 I made my purchase from I also picked up an 8GB miniSD card, as I will need one for the firmware upgrade and any side loading of apps I may need to do. Less then one hour after my purchase I received a tracking number from the seller and a delivery estimated date of Tuesday, June 28th! That was lightning fast!

So, as soon as I get it, I will snaps some pics and let you know what my first test drive of this unit is like!
Just a quick update. I checked my Amazon account today to confirm shipment and my estimated arrival date has moved from the 28th to July 1st. I guess this is to be expected, after all shipping was only $9.00 and it is shipping from California to Pennsylvania. So I am a little bummed that I will not see it tomorrow but not overly upset either. I'll post pics when it arrives!
No offense but this seems like a pretty cheap knock of of the real Superpad/Flytouch models. The 3800 MAH battery is the dead give away. And the box shown actually says LeaderPad, and not Superpad or Flytouch. I would love to see the real specs on this, especially the model no. I am going to guess it is Sawee10 or something close.

Here is a good link warning people off of these sup-par tablets:

Buyer Beware! Superpad III, Flytouch 4 are NOT Flytouch 3 - Only Faking Clones - Android Forums

Thanks for the link, but I think I will pass on that tablet.
So now it looks like the supplier on Amazon called Supersale.99 just now shipped my package. I was on my way to write a complaint that it took 4 days to process my order, however there is something on the site that says it can take from 6 - 10 days to process an order. I'm not so happy about that, but still have positive feelings on this purchase!
I wanted to let everyone know that my wife emailed me and told me that my tablet has arrived! I will play with it this July 4th weekend and let you all know what I find!



Thanks for your help EvilEd.

be looking forward to hearing what you have.
So when I got home from work on July 1st, my tablet had arrived! My wife had taken it out of the box and started charging it up for me. I will post some pics of the box, as I know you guys really like to see that, but I can tell you now that it is a knock off. A good one but a knock off none the less. The box was basically white with a pic of the tablet and some icons on the front, the words "Superpad III" on the one side and a look and the ports on the other.

The first thing I will say in my first review is that this is NOT the tablet that I ordered. I ordered the 16GB tablet and the company sent me the 8GB tablet. They sent me an email right away letting me know about the mistake and offered to either refund me the $12 difference from the 8GB to the 16GB (no, I'd rather have the table I paid for), or to ship me out a new one. I chose the latter. In their response to me they told me it would "take some time" to get the tablet I ordered to me. This does not make me feel too good, and I keep asking them to send me an MRL (merchandise Return Label) as I do not feel I should have to pay for the shipping. They do not seem to understand. So my hope is that this company does not try to pull a fast one on me by sending me the wrong tablet. I will keep you all posted on that, but, on to the review of the 8GB version of this tablet.

So, the very first thing I deiced to do with this tablet was look at the spec, and it is a DISCO10 model (pics coming) with the Android OS 2.2 (20110529) Kernel Version, and Build FRF85B. So so far so good. Next I fired up the WiFi and it connected to my NetGear Wireless pretty fast. I have been every room in my house and the basement and I have not had a problem. The upstairs bathroom only got one bar but still connected an ran. I never dropped signal. The Dolphin HD browser came in pre-installed so that was nice, and browsing has been pretty good. I even went to a few sights I thought would bog it down with some flash and while it took some time to load, it loaded and was readable. So aces there! I was not expecting lightning fast and I am happy with the browsing capabilities of this device.

Next up the device came with the YouTube app pre-installed and it worked perfectly. I was not able to cause it to error out unless I was really far away from my WiFi where I had only one bar, then some of the HD videos would lock up on me. But laying in bed on the second floor where the WiFi is on the first, I could watch videos all night long on YouTube. So the Flash is very impressive!

So at that point I was pretty happy. I next decided to go to the android market and start seeing what apps work and did not work. Now, this device could only see the free apps in the market, and not all of the free ones were available, Google Sky being absent from the list most notable. I sort of knew that going in and there is a fix for it, found here in the forum, you just need to root your device. Since I am sending this one back, I decided not to do that for now. So, as it stands I can only review the free apps available. But all in all, all of the apps worked great. The Kindle Apps rocks and I have a few good free books already on here, the Adobe PDF reader did exactly what I needed it to do. Some of the high graphics or multi-layered PDFs take some time to load, so know that going in, but they do read. Heck, even all of the games I got played well. The kids loved AntSmashed and Angry Birds, and ChessFree works like a dream.

The battery life on this device is something I am still working with. I can tell you it is much better to just leave it turned on then to power it down, as the startup process eats up almost 15% of the battery life. And the devices seems to shut down the WiFi when it is in sleep mode so that is good. If you leave the WiFi on and run it you will more then likely eat up all of the battery in a few hours. Maybe this is where those 8000 mah batteries shine in the iBex models. Myself, I don't really hop online all that often so when I needed to, I would turn the WiFi on, do what I needed to do, and then turn it off to conserve battery life. I also lowered the brightness of the screen to 50%. So with the way I have been using it, I take it off of the charger in the morning and I still have some battery life left in the evening. Also, a side note, the cord on the charger is REALLY short! So if you want to charge it and still use it, like I do, then get yourself an extension cord!

So overall in the first few days of owning this tablet I am pretty happy with it. I am still concerned that this company is not going to send me the correct 16Gb tablet and I am going to have to fight them to get the right one or get this one for free, but that is not the tablet's fault. I only had one game, Dungeon something or other, that locked up the device, but if you look at the list of games that work on it, it will tell you that.

Next up is to test the GPS and drop in the SD card and use it some. When and if I get the Tablet I paid for I will try updating the firmware and rooting the device to see what else I can unlock from this. But overall, a good buy so far!
Just a quick update here. I have run out of things I can test on this device that does not involve rooting it. Overall, I am still very happy with it. None of the GSP apps on the android market are appearing so I am not even sure I can test that aspect of it without rooting this one, and since I have to send it back that seems pointless. The battery life is still something I am concerned about now. The last few days I have left it on the charger over night, leaving it on, and unplugged it and tossed it into my bag as I am going out the door to work. By lunchtime when I go to use it on my break it is down to 50% or less battery life and by the time I get home at 5:30 or so, it needs to go back on the charger. I knew going into this that the battery on this one was not the 8000 mah battery of the iBex models, so I am trying to come up with a good work around.

I have to send it back this morning and provide Super.99 (the Amazon Seller) with a tracking number before they will send out my 16GB version of the tablet (the one I paid for). Again, I do not hold it agist the tablet but his has been a real pain in the butt getting the device I order. I do not know if this is atypical behavior out of this company of if I am just a fluke. In either case I will be without it until my new one arrives. When that one arrives (assuming it is the right model this time) I will go ahead and flash that one with Tim's 4E ROM, Root it and fix the android market stuff on to preform further testing.

On a side note, since I had already added personal information to this device, I was a bit uncomfortable sending it back to them without some sort of cleaning. I uninstalled all of the apps I had added and then reset it to the factory default ROM. You need to power the device down, hold the power, menu (I think, which ever of the two menu or home that is closet to the power button) and the back button on the front of the device for three seconds. It then loads the default OS. That worked perfectly.

So, when the new one arrives, I will mount the SD card and continue with my review!
Someone replied to this thread in another forum and I thought my response to him might be helpful here as well, so I am copying it over to here. Here is the question that was asked:

Now that I read your review I do feel better about purchasing one of these tablets. However I too am getting mine from supersale.99 so I hope I don't also have issues with him. Quick question, since you sound familiar with this device, rooting it, and installing a custom ROM, could you point me in the right direction so I can do this to mine when I get it? I already own a rooted Android phone, buy what i'm nervous about is the fact that an android phone is from a known manufacturer whereas this tablet is some sort of clone. I just don't want to brick the thing.

Once rooted.....rooted forever!

Here was my response:

Sure I can point you in the right direction. First would be flashing the ROM, or updating the Operating System to the latest version.

Instructions for how to do that can be found here, in this forum. First are the Official ROMs:

Superpad 2 Flytouch 3 firmware update-Official Releases

Now, there is a second category of the ROM you could consider, and that is the hacked, or refined ROM. Tims is by far the most famous in the Flytouch 3 area:

Hybrid ROM (rooted)

Which ever ROM you decided to use (I will be using Tim's 4E ROM) the process for updating the ROM is all the same. Here is a link to a YouTube video, showing the process being done:

To ROOT this device take a few steps, but is totally doable. Here is the link in this forum on how to do so:

Guide: How to root the Flytouch 3

And a video on YouTube of the process:

The only other Hack I am looking into doing right away when my new one arrives is freeing up the Android Market. This is a well documented issue with this particular Android Tablet. The fix requires a Rooted device. Here is the link to that process as well:

[Hack] Unlblocking Market Apps (Market 2.3.6) - xda-developers

Other then that I am really debating cracking the case on this device and upgrading the battery, but that is not going to be right now. As it stands, after these three hacks I would be perfectly happy with the performance of this device, assuming all of these do what they say they can do.

I really hope that helps you out. Please, let me know what your experience is like. I would love to know if Supersale.99 does this to all of its customers!

Also, arueder, you had mentioned your concerned for 'bricking' the device, or doing so much damage to it that it is now unusable. From what i can tell, this is pretty difficult to do, however this device does have a handy dandy factory reset feature. An, in case of emergency, break glass sort of thing. So, as long as the device will still turn on, you can always reset it back to the factory original settings.

Here is a video on how to do this reset:

Now, this is where something like Titanium Backup will come in handy as you can then perform your backups and get right back to where you were before the terrible event that killed your OS.

I know that this works, as I reset the device I just sent back, as it had personal information on it I did not feel like sharing.

I hope that this helps you out. Please, let me know what you think of your device, and any issue that you might have.


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Glad you got your pad okay.

I purchased the same pad 16gb version.

I ordered from hong kong and got in express time of 4 days. well impressed.

I have a problem though getting on line.

If I connect to ethenet wired it only shows the icon with a yellow ? triangle.

If I try wireless still no joy.
Yet I have 4 computers connected wireless. and just added a new laptop today and connected no problems.

Also I want to use this pad in my car to get emails etc and purchased a hawaeli dongle PAYG O2 but this wont work.

Haveyou any ideas.

Contacted the seller and he is helpful but not very good with insructions.

Hope you can help.


Glad you got your pad okay.

I purchased the same pad 16gb version.

I ordered from hong kong and got in express time of 4 days. well impressed.

I have a problem though getting on line.

If I connect to ethenet wired it only shows the icon with a yellow ? triangle.

If I try wireless still no joy.
Yet I have 4 computers connected wireless. and just added a new laptop today and connected no problems.

Also I want to use this pad in my car to get emails etc and purchased a hawaeli dongle PAYG O2 but this wont work.

Haveyou any ideas.

Contacted the seller and he is helpful but not very good with insructions.

Hope you can help.


What version of the Android OS is yours running? What you need to do is Settings=>About This Device

From the sounds of things you might be running an older version of the OS. I think Tim's 4E ROM update might be a good start for you. Let me know ho wit turns out.

Hi Ed.

Thanks for your message.

I only purchased this a week ago so would think it is running the latest version. Will check it.

What version should I have.

How do i get tims 4e rom update.

After some perseverance I have managed to connect on line using a wired conection.

Thats the 1st stage.

Now I want to use in the car to get emails etc.
So I need a pay-as-you-go dongle.
I have one that I use on laptop but this will not work.
Ref E1752 3gb broadband O2 dongle.

Any help would be apprieciated.

Ok, so a quick update here. I received my new, 16GB tablet over the weekend. So while it took awhile to get the device that I ordered, I did eventually get it. This one performs exactly the same as the previous one had, as in very well so far, so nothing has changed in my review there. The Wifi works well and I took it out and about over the weekend and hit some WiFi hotspots and it connected just fine. It was kind of cool to run through a drive through, hop on to their WiFi and find a movie to take my wife to that night!

I have since found a lot of apps that I am really liking that is making me all the more happier with this tablet. So with the Kindle App and Adobe Reader app there for my eBooks, OliveOffice Pro that reads/edits MS Office Documents (it runs a little wonky but it run), and the GPS apps I have tested and are working, I am very happy with my purchase.

I also have z4Root running on it and have been able to use Titanium Backup on it. So the rooting process was fairly painless. I had to 'find' the apk file for z4root and use an installer to get it to run but it works. Also, do not forget to get Launcher Pro so that you can turn on the USB Degugging in order to root this device. But it worked well and that was really a breeze to do.

The only thing I have left is to update the ROM. I still do not have full access to the Android Market yet, and this is mostly due to the SD card reader I bought sucks and shorts out my PC. Never buy anything from Wal-Mart and expect it to work. Tiger.Com here I come. So I need to buy a new card reader before I can updated the ROM.

But other then that this has really been a good experience! I may have gone a different road then some users of this device. I deiced to educate myself on it before I bought it, I knew going in that this was most likely a clone. I learned all I could on how to tweak it and fix it (still learning) and had REALISTIC expectations on what it could and could not do, and now I have a really well running tablet for 1/4 the cost of an iPad.

I am sure time will tell if I regret buying this tablet or not. I now know that I found a seller on eBay that actually sells the iBex models, full 8000 mah battery and all, making this the first US based seller of the top of the line version of this tablet I could find. With full PayPal protection there and it makes me think. I am almost debating complaining and returning the one I have and getting the iBex model, but we will see. Overall though, if it does everything I want it to and I can live with the tweaky battery life, then I think I will be happy.

Pics coming soon!