android 2.1 + 10" Capacitive - 1Ghz processor ?!

as i know, there is a wiipad olio with capacity screen and 1.2Ghz android 2.1 tablet is coming soon on August. Right now 7" android 2.1 wiipad Slim plus is available this week.
I think the last quarter of this year will yield a wide range of new Android based 2.1 (2.2) capacitive screen devices. I returned my aPad and kept my Archos 7HT in the meantime, but will def get a good capacitive screen model in a few months
You think the 2.1 android tablest that come out will be good? I'd rather wait for 1 month after the first one hits the market.

MutantCheese, how good is the archos 7 HT?
The archos 7HT is great for video watching and light web surfing. It's biggest drawback IMO is the resistive screen. A capacitive touch screen is really what's needed.
resistant screens use pressure points to detect position while capactive use the nature currents in our fingers to detect position...thats the simplest explanation i can give:).
Hi Hiandroid,
What do they mean by "USB Stick 3G Full Access to Google Market" ? Is it a USB Modem which can be used to access In ternet when WIFI is N OT available ? Can I use the Apad in a public park or in the car? Nobody from their site seem to answer to emails! Kindly clarify. Than ks.
I'm compiling a list of 7" and 10" tablets, but for now i don't think there are any 10" capacitives available. The resistive screens appear to suffice, depending on what you intend to use the pad for. Though i also want a capacitive screen.

The Shugo is supposedly scheduled to be released at the end of august. Many others state for "Fall of 2010" so hopefully soon, others for winter and Q1 of 2011.

I'll update when I have the list(s) organized.