Suggest Me a Good Cheap Tablet(apad/epad)


Mar 7, 2011
Hi everyone,

Im a bit confused,which cheap android tablet(apad,epad or whatever) to buy.
I need a tablet which should have:

*1GHz processor speed
*high speed processor
*256mb RAM or higher
*android os 2.1 or higher
*7"/10" (16:9) screen resloution
*upgradable OS
*official android market in it
*sim card support(if it comes under my budget)

My budget is $225 (Rs 10000) and i should be able to get the tablet in India

Please suggest me some tablets which have value for money
Thanks in advance.
I'm in the exact same boat. From what I've researched, the options available near that price point are:
1. ViewSonic gTablet
2. Reliance 3G tab
3. X10 AirPad
4. Archos 101
Hi, I've been looking for a cheap tablet for a while now but there are so many out there I keep getting a bit confused.All I want to be able to do is surf the Internet using wifi, access the android Market and play games such as angry birds and plants vs zombies, output video to my tv with hdmi, and to use it as e-reader for my commute to college.I want a big screen and therefor I want android 2.3 because I've read that below that isn't made for the larger screens, it's designed for the 7" so games etc can lose quality.Through my research I've come across the: apad m13 android 2.3 10" 4gb multi-touch flash-10-2 from chinagrabber. I was just wondering if anyone could reassure me that this one looks like it'll do what I want it to do, and if there are any others you can suggest that may be cheaper or better etc.Thanks.
The viewsonic gtablet will do all of that, and its "upgradable" with a little work.Great battery life...8-10 hrs on mine
The viewsonic gtablet will do all of that, and its "upgradable" with a little work.Great battery life...8-10 hrs on mine
Thanks, I've had a look at it, it gets horrible reviews out of the box but like you said it can be upgraded.When you say it battery life 8 - 10 hours is that Reading/playing games etc or is that standby? If it's working time then that would definitely be worth the extra $50do you know though whether it can be upgraded to android 2.3+? Everything I've read about it so far only mentions 2.2
Actually after looking in to the Gtablet I think it'll be out of my price range - it looked ok from Tiger direct at $249 but then it calculated the postage at $100 to australia, so that's out.

Are there any other suggestions that are a bit cheaper? (Under $300)
I upgraded to cyanogenmod 7.1 rc1 which is Android 2.3.4. I've heard cm will not have a honeycomb, but there are a couple of hc for the gtablet. Cm will have icecream sandwich.

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If you stay around Mumbai Location in India, then i might help you. Because one of my friend who stays in mumbai regularly orders Tablet from me. Possibly you can contact him and he can show you the tablet also. So that you can have look before making any purchase.