Android 2.2 MID is dead. charged for 30 mins, then died


May 31, 2012
I've tried to find the answer, but haven't seen one exactly like my problem. Which is this, we unpacked it today and my daughter charged it for about 30 minutes before unplugging it (she thought that since the light was green it was fully charged). It showed the home screen and indicated 14% charged. Then she plugged it back in, and there was green light or red light, black screen, she noticed it was warm on the bottom of the tablet. We tried holding down power button, replugging cord in several times, and tried reset button several times, but it remains completely dead. Please help, my daughter is heart broken.
What brand (manufacturer) tablet died so quickly? If it was purchased new, the store might have a return policy.
I can't find the manufacture name anywhere, but half of the instruction book is in Chinese so I'm guessing it's made there. I bought it through Amazon so looks like I will be contacting them. Thanks for posting a reply. Unless someone posts a miraculous fix for it, I think it's a goner.
Amazon is very good about returns if they fulfilled the order.
However, if it was a merchant selling his goods on Amazon, his return policy may not be so good.