Android 2.2 Wi-Fi Tablet : How to connect to Internet


Nov 7, 2011
Have just received my first ever Android Tablet - entry level 7" touchscreen with Wi-Fi running Android 2.2.

I need to connect to the Internet.

Currently have a wireless router connected to adsl line. My laptop and other netbooks can see the router and by selecting the required isp (have 3 different providers) connection, these can access the internet via Broadband. There is no single permanent internet connection.

The Android Tablet sees the network connection but how can it connect to the Internet from here ?

I cannot see a way of creating the same sort of Broadband connection on the Android Tablet which leads me to think that there has to be a permanet Internet connection ?

I have an old PC connected to the Router using the ethernet cable and it can also access the Internet.

I have seen various posts about turning this PC into a Wi-Fi Hotspot but clearly I am missing something i.e. How does this PC broadcast through the cable to the Wi-Fi a signal that the Tablet can see and then link into.

Please help


Staff member
Mar 24, 2011
Hello pj, welcome to the forum. Glad to have you join us here at Android Tablets. I'm moving your question to the Android Tablet Q&A section where someone should be able to help you out.