Avoiding Poor Internet Connection


Mar 1, 2012
Why am I seeing "Avoiding Poor Internet Connection" and No Internet Connection? I have my Wi-Fi on very strong signal. Also I am wireless connection, do I need a router for this or what? Please someone answer, this is so frustrating, thanks.
There are 2 parts to most internet connection.

Part 1 - WiFi connection from your tablet to a WiFi Router/Phone/Hotspot.

Part 2 - Connection from the WiFi device to the internet.

You can have an excellent WiFi connection, but have little to no connection on the internet connection (part 2).

The WiFi signal strength does not vary based on the speed and strength of the internet connection, it is just the strength of the connection to the WiFi device.

I can take my cable modem at home and unplug it. My tablet, laptop, phone, etc. will still show 3-4 bars of WiFi because my WiFi router is still broadcasting. It just has no where to send data or get data since the connection to the internet is gone.

I suspect you may have some issues with your internet connection. If using cellular data, try rebooting the device to see if that helps. If you are on a 2G/O/E connection (not 3G, 4G or LTE) it may be a very slow connection and may not work well.
How are you trying to connect to the Internet?

Cable/DSL modem?

Tethered to cell phone?

USB modem?