Android 2.2 with Multitouch and G-Sensor


Jan 26, 2011
Hello there,

I am looking to get a tablet for the first time in my life. I have read some sticky posts here, what I am trying to find now is an Android 2.2 based and amongst all features I think that the most useful for me is the multi-touch screen.

My question is that, I see a lot of hardware out there which are 2.1 and are multitouch however a lot of 2.2 are not. Is there any specific reason new devices don't have this support?

If multitouch is not available, how can one zoom-in and zoom-out, let's say a website that you are currently browsing?

Finally, could you please help me in locating some android 2.2 with multitouch for under $200 ?

thank you,