Android Honeycomb port for Nook Color gets graphics acceleration, first demo video

Dennis J

Jan 10, 2011
Can't wait untilFebruary 2ndto see more of Android 3.0 in action? That's not a problem, as today we've got a whole 129 seconds of video showing Google's latest mobile software doing its thing on the Nook Color. The OS wasported to B&N's tableton Friday, when we were promised further work would be taking place over the weekend to enable hardware acceleration of the GUI, and what do you know, that goal has been achieved with plenty of Sunday to spare! Most core functionality is still not available, but the delicious Honeycomb interface is very much in effect. Jump past the break for the eye candy feast. - Engadget

It may not be perfect but this is definally an awesome proof of concept before source code gets released soon after the Xoom.